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Reviving R. Kelly


  1. Reviving R. Kelly
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Comfort Zone (Double Album)


AseCard finally releases his long awaited double album ‘Comfort Zone’. On this new project, AseCard showcases his new growth and versitility over infectious instrumentals with indepth lyrics and delivery. Both albums are a story, so listen to both the whole way and join Asecard on his journey through his Comfort Zone.




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Swag On Auto Pilot = S.O.A.P. ! Brandon Martell Jones, otherwise known to the masses under the moniker ”’Ase Card”’, is an unsigned rapper and songwriter hailing from the Bay Area, Fairfield, California, popularized by his energetic and passionate flow and his distinct connection to his fans on both an urban and political standpoint. Since age eight, Ase has grown from his beginning stage of emceeing, …crafting his skill with every song and album created, one of which being a major collaboration with artists Snoop Dogg and JT the Bigga Figga for a remix cut of their hit single, “Push and Promote”. not to mention, Ase has collabed with more than half of nor-cal’s recording artist and the list goes on. Basing his music off of past struggles, life, and overall opinions on the world and its social climate, Card has never been one to hold his tongue, furthering intriguing listeners to gravitate towards his music, and image in general. Additional alleys Ase Card has successfully pursued include poetry, dance choreography, acting, producing and record engineering; all along making it look seemingly effortless. Conclusively, Ase Card is the future, and a definitive force to move the industry in a positive direction with music,modeling and acting that is sure to be embraced by millions of people around the world.
 Ase Card’s has received an abundance of positive press. He has modeled in a Verb Campaign spread in 2002’s Nickelodeon and Nintendo Magazine;Not to mention numerous photo shoots to this day by popular photographers, Jessica Eissien and Run Away Slave Photography just to name a few, whose clientel include Ja Rule, E-40, Too Short and Keak Da Sneak. And recently including attire provided by the remarkable Remy Hou. Managed briefly by the bay areas JAV Talent Agency and Lights, Camera, Action Acting company based in San Francisco. From both ”Murder Dog Magazine and the MTV network, via, creating a major buzz in the streets, as well as in the ears of major record labels around the nation. In addition, Ase is owner and CEO of Non Stop Records and S.O.AP. Muzik Productions. AseCard was briefly signed with the legendary Khayree Shaheed of the label Young Black Brotha Recordings out of the Bay Area, California. Continuously gaining excess exposure, Ase is gearing up, not only for a major deal, but a rejuvenation of the record industry with his first step into the door. Ase Card is a Artist who creates timeless material. from the keyboard producing, to the pen songwriting, to the silver screen, magazines and all the way to the booth recording, Ase Card is that artist; A major deal is the only thing needed to help sell this self-efficient prodigy for guaranteed success in the industry.

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